Iris Wilson "Fela! Let Music be the Weapon" Book

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FELA! Let Music be the Weapon.
Written by original Fela! Musical cast member Iris Wilson and illustrated by her teen son Nangwaya Gibson.
The book provides visual imagery of Fela Kuti’s career as a Nigerian musician and activist. It is written in a poetic style to appeal to children of all ages.
‚ÄúMy mission with¬†Fela! Let Music be the Weapon is to inspire today‚Äôs youth by letting them know that they can use song, dance, poetry, or knowledge instead of violence.¬† As we approach the 16th¬†anniversary of¬†Fela¬†Kuti‚Äôs death on August 2nd, we are reminded of the sacrifices, freedom, and principles that he advocated for on behalf of the people in Nigeria, and so many people around the world. The message he promoted so many years ago is still relevant today.‚Ä̬†
- Iris Wilson, Author
According to teen illustrator Nangwaya Gibson, "FELA! Let Music be the Weapon was a creative response to the 10-month¬†Fela! Musical National Tour.¬†¬†While I accompanied my mother on her tour, I learned so much. I felt like I gained a different insight on¬†Fela¬†Kuti‚Äôs life each time I watched the show.¬† It motivated me to put my emotional reactions to the show in the form of sketched drawings‚ÄĚ.