Public Enemy - "Live At Metropolis Studios" 2xLP Vinyl

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A 2015 performance by one of the most influential hip hop acts of all time at the world famous Metropolis Sound Studio in London. Twenty-five years after the release of Public Enemy's Fear of a Black Planet, the rap legends Chuck D, Flavor Flav, DJ Lord and The S1W perform all of their fan favorites.

A1 Intro 0:49
A2 Lost At Birth 0:47
A3 Miuzi Weighs A Ton 3:06
A4 Get Up Stand Up 1:05
A5 Rebel Without A Pause 5:50
A6 911 Is A Joke 3:01
A7 Welcome To The Terrordome 5:23
B1 Hoovermusic 2:16
B2 Black Steel In The Hour 9:03
B3 Show Em Whatcha Got 1:27
B4 Bring The Noise 4:44
C1 Dont Believe The Hype 5:54
C2 Cant Truss It 2:01
C3 He Got Game 1:56
C4 Night Of The Living Baseheads 4:04
C5 I Shall Not Be Moved 2:14
C6 Fight The Power (Soul Power - Who Stole This Soul) 7:33
D1 Cant Do Nuttin' For Ya Man 1:24
D2 31 Flavors 2:25
D3 Shut Em Down 4:53
D4 Harder Than You Think 9:40