Slick Rick "The Great Adventures of Slick Rick" 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition 2xLP Vinyl

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The Deluxe Edition LP is on 2xLP for the first time. “Children’s Story” Urban Legends/UMe has reissued The Great Adventures of Slick Rick in a deluxe version that includes original hand written lyrics, a booklet of pictures, and unreleased demo’s which was recorded during the making of the album.

Disc 1
1. Treat Her Like a Prostitute 
2. The Ruler's Back 
3. Children's Story 
4. The Moment I Feared 
5. Let's Get Crazy 
6. Indian Girl (An Adult Story) 
7. Teenage Love 

Disc 2
1. Kit (What's the Scoop) 
2. Hey Young World 
3. Teacher, Teacher 
4. Lick the Balls 
5. Children's Story (Demo) 
6. A Teenage Love (Demo) 
7. Mona Lisa (Demo)
8. Hey Young World (Demo) 
9. Snakes of The World Today (Session Track) 
10. Can't Dance To A Track That Ain't Got No Soul (new song)