The Roots "Do You Want More?!!!??!" 2xLP Vinyl

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Do You Want More?!!!??! is the second studio album from The Roots.  It's the band's major label debut, coming two years after their independent debut album, Organix (1993).  This classic is back in print on a 2xLP set of black vinyl.

A18 Intro / There's Something Goin' On 
A19 Proceed 4:35
A20 Distortion To Static 
A21 Mellow My Man
A22 I Remain Calm
B23 Datskat
B24 Lazy Afternoon
B25 ? Vs. Rahzel
B26 Do You Want More?!!!??!
C27 What Goes On Pt. 7
C28 Essaywhuman?!!!??!
C29 Swept Away
C30 You Ain't Fly
D31 Silent Treatment 6:53