• Blood Orange "Freetown Sound" 2xLP Vinyl

Blood Orange "Freetown Sound" 2xLP Vinyl

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As you read on Okayplayer, Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange gave details on the inspiration behind his new album, Freetown Sound – named after the capital of Sierra Leone:

The last album was more ‘this is me and the type of person I am amongst this certain corner of the world,'” Hynes explains in the interview. “And this album is taking a step out and being like, ‘Oh, I am a black man living in America.'”

He also addresses finding comfort in his artistry and creating music as a form of therapy.

I started questioning a lot of things and I basically got to the conclusion that, if someone is a writer they write maybe for themselves at home, as a release, and maybe they write for an article, an interview, or maybe they write for something else more specific. I started to look at myself maybe like that and realizing it’s okay to make music that isn’t for people to listen to, if it’s a sense of therapy, myself.

Features include Nelly Furtado, Empress Of, Debbie Harry, Starchild, Zuri Marley, and more.


1. By Ourselves | 2. Augustine3. Chance4. Best To You5. With Him

1. E.V.P.2. Love Ya3. But You4. Desiree

1. Hands Up2. Hadron Collider3. Squash Squash4. Juicy 1-4

1. Better Than Me2. Thank You3. I Know4. Better Numb 

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