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  • Blood Orange "Freetown Sound" 2xLP Vinyl

Blood Orange "Freetown Sound" 2xLP Vinyl





As you read on Okayplayer, Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange gave details on the inspiration behind his new album, Freetown Sound – named after the capital of Sierra Leone:

The last album was more ‘this is me and the type of person I am amongst this certain corner of the world,'” Hynes explains in the interview. “And this album is taking a step out and being like, ‘Oh, I am a black man living in America.'”

He also addresses finding comfort in his artistry and creating music as a form of therapy.

I started questioning a lot of things and I basically got to the conclusion that, if someone is a writer they write maybe for themselves at home, as a release, and maybe they write for an article, an interview, or maybe they write for something else more specific. I started to look at myself maybe like that and realizing it’s okay to make music that isn’t for people to listen to, if it’s a sense of therapy, myself.

Features include Nelly Furtado, Empress Of, Debbie Harry, Starchild, Zuri Marley, and more.


1. By Ourselves | 2. Augustine3. Chance4. Best To You5. With Him

1. E.V.P.2. Love Ya3. But You4. Desiree

1. Hands Up2. Hadron Collider3. Squash Squash4. Juicy 1-4

1. Better Than Me2. Thank You3. I Know4. Better Numb 

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