Maxwell "Embrya" 20th Anniversary 2xLP White Vinyl

Maxwell "Embrya" 20th Anniversary 2xLP White Vinyl

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Embrya, which was originally released in 1998, remains an integral chapter in Maxwell’s career canon. He switched up from the jazzier leanings of Urban Hang Suite to stronger basslines, lush strings, electronic beats and more pulsating beats and grooves versus melodies—with Hawaiian guitar riffs and Latin accents thrown in for good measure. And whereas the retro-souled Suite’s concept revolved around romance, Embrya takes the musical discussion to the next level: the gestation of love and spirituality.



A1 Gestation: Mythos
A2 Everwanting: To Want You To Want
A3 I'm You: You Are Me And We Are You (Pt Me & You)

B1 Luxury: Cococure
B2 Drowndeep: Hula
B3 Matrimony: Maybe You
B4 Arroz Con Pollo

C1 Know These Things: Shouldn't You
C2 Submerge: Til We Become The Sun
C3 Gravity: Pushing To Pull
C4 Eachhoureachsecondeachminuteeachday: Of My Life

D1 Embrya
D2 Gestation: Mythos