MF DOOM "Special Herbs Volumes 5 & 6" 2xLP Vinyl

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Special Herbs, Vols. 5 & 6 is an album of instrumental works released by MF Doom under the Metal Fingers moniker. As with the other installments of the Special Herbs series, each track is named for a herb or similar flora. This album, aside from the bonus tracks, also forms the last thirteen tracks of the Metal Fingers series' previous volume, Special Herbs, Vols. 4, 5 & 6, due to the different record labels the various albums in the series were released on. This is the last volume of the series with such track listing overlaps.


A1 Pennyroyal
A1 Saffron
A2 Arrow Root
A2 Lavender Buds
A3 White Willow Bark
A3 Zatar
A4 Fenugreek

B1 Sumac Berries
B1 Orange Blossoms
B2 Coriander
B2 Coffin Nails
B3 Kava Kava Root
B3 Shallots
B4 Charnsuka
B4 Valerian Root
B5 Monosodium Glutamate

C1 Red #40
C1 Jasmine Blossoms
C2 Nettle Leaves
C2 Black Snake Root
C3 Horehound
C3 Mullein
C4 Mugwort

D1 Dragon's Blood
D1 All Spice
D2 Myrtle Leaf
D2 Lovage
D3 Eucalyptus
D3 Patchouly Leaves
D4 Myrrh

E Who Me?
F Plumskinzz