Murs & The Grouch "Thees Handz" LP Vinyl

Sale price$24.99
Murs & The Grouch "Thees Handz" LP Vinyl

Murs & The Grouch "Thees Handz" LP Vinyl

Sale price$24.99

You know the names as individual members of the world-renowned Living Legends Crew, Murs & The Grouch - however you have never seen the two names together as a group, until now. The two legendary west coast wordsmiths who laid the blueprint for the independent game join forces for their new group, Thees Handz. Recorded at The Grouch's studio during a time when Murs was expecting a new addition to his family. The album touches on all aspects of their personalities, the gritty, thoughtful, spiritual, and energetic. The album opens with the catchy Carpe Diem that features Reverie that pushes for a sense of urgency and get-up-and-go for themselves and their listeners' dreams and aspirations.



 1. Carpe Diem (Feat. Reverie)
2. Murs N Corey 
3. Born ; Raised 
4. Thees Handz 
5. Rwthya 
6. Light Up the Sage (Feat. Rabbit) 
7. All Day 
8. Bleed Out 
9. Be Nice (Feat. Brady Watt) 1 
10. Play Freebird (Feat. Brady Watt)