Jaylib "Champion Sound: The Remix" LP Vinyl (Madlib x J Dilla)

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Madlib’s remix of "Champion Sound", plus a previously unreleased track recorded in the original Jaylib sessions: “Da Rawkus.”  Includes a digital download card!

Vocals: J Dilla. Production: Madlib.

This is the first time these remixes have been released on vinyl.  It is the first time “Da Rawkus” has been released anywhere. The remixes were originally included on the Champion Sound (Deluxe Edition) double CD.

1. Da Rawkus (Sir Bang Version)
2. The Official (Rap Circle Mix)
3. Heavy (Chronic Mix)
4. Optimos For Dilla (Interlude)
5. Survival Test (Rasta Dub Remix)
6. Champion Sound (Remix)
7. The Mission (Stringed Out Mix)
8. One For Dilla (Interlude)
9. Strapped (Four-4 Mix)
10. Da Rawkus (Original Version)