OutKast "Speakerboxxx / The Love Below" 4xLP Vinyl

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OutKast "Speakerboxxx / The Love Below" 4xLP Vinyl

OutKast "Speakerboxxx / The Love Below" 4xLP Vinyl

Sale price$59.99
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A1 Intro 1:29
A2 Ghetto Musick 3:56
A3 Unhappy 3:19
A4 Bowtie 3:56
A5 The Way You Move 3:54
B1 The Rooster 3:57
B2 Bust 3:08
B3 War 2:43
B4 Church 3:27
C1 Bamboo (Interlude) 2:09
C2 Tomb Of The Boom 4:46
C3 E-Mac (Interlude) 0:24
C4 Knowing 3:32
C5 Flip Flop Rock 4:35
D1 Interlude 1:15
D2 Reset 4:35
D3 D-Boi (Interlude) 0:40
D4 Last Call 3:57
D5 Bowtie (Postlude) 0:34

The Love Below
A1 The Love Below (Intro) 1:27
A2 Love Hater 2:49
A3 God (Interlude) 2:20
A4 Happy Valentine's Day 5:23
A5 Spread 3:51
A6 Where Are My Panties? 1:54
B1 Prototype 5:26
B2 She Lives In My Lap 4:27
B3 Hey Ya! 3:55
B4 Roses 6:09
C1 Good Day, Good Sir 1:24
C2 Behold A Lady 4:37
C3 Pink & Blue 5:04
C4 Love In War 3:25
C5 She's Alive 4:06
D1 Dracula's Wedding 2:32
D2 My Favorite Things 5:13
D3 Take Off Your Cool 2:38
D4 Vibrate 6:33
D5 A Life In The Day Of Benjamin André (Incomplete) 5:11

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