Fela Kuti "Everything Scatter" (1975) Vinyl LP

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The lyric of "Everything Scatter" portrays Nigeria's conflicted society through metaphor and microcosm: an argument supposedly taking place among the passengers on a bus passing Kalakuta. One of the passengers levels the usual establishment accusations against Fela - that he and his followers are weed smokers, political troublemakers, hooligans and prostitutes (the first two charges, of course, being true). Another passenger defends Fela - better to be a weed smoker than a drunk, better to be a political "troublemaker" than a sell-out. Pandemonium ensues and the driver takes the bus to a police station. "Uniform start to yab," sings Fela, "bring me the Fela people, make I lock am (and) charge am for court, before I shut am big mouth for am, before I hand am to mosquito." Fela's use of "mosquito" refers to the fact that Nigerian prisons were sometimes deliberately sited near malarial swamps. 

Side A/ Track 1: Everything Scatter
Side B/ Track 2: Who No Know Go Know

One of six of Fela's albums reissued by Knitting Factory Records in 2015.  Most of these will be the first time they are released as individual vinyl albums since their original vinyl release in Nigeria in the 70s and 80s - something which will not only delight audiophile Fela fans, but also the admirers of Lemi Ghariokwu's iconic artwork, now again at 12 x 12 inches as it was intended.