Prince "Around the World in A Day" LP Vinyl

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From Prince Day: Questlove’s Album-By-Album Guide To Prince’s WB Catalogue:

"Ok. i know reviews are subjective but i think I’m right when i say the only place to go after you sell 16 million units is…..”that a way”, prince’s muses’ wendy and lisa (see “computer blue” on PR) hipped him to the Beatles. and he presented a “see i can do that too” kinda head scratcher. as a die hard i was along for the ride but many got off of the trip with this album. when it came out: @@@1/2 (many head scratched, thought he was going hippie—hello De La) how does it hold up 30 years later? @@@@1/2 some say he turnt his back on the funk. i say he turned his front on his mind. a potpourri of sound and experiments. this caused concern but really? had he closed the album on anything BUT “Temptation” idda been with giving him a @@@@@. 82-87 was his most prolific in terms of songwriting and volume and Quality. over 300 songs made during this period. and 60 percent of em were life changing. “Condition Of The Heart” is as devastating now as it was 30 years ago. —also worth fishing for are the Bsides from this era…some of my favorites “she’s always in my hair” “hello” & his trippy “Girl”."
- Questlove

Side A
01 Around The World In A Day | 02 Paisley Park | 03 Condition Of The Heart | 04 Raspberry Beret | 05 Tamborine
Side B
01 America | 02 Pop Life| 03 The Ladder | 04 Temptation