Public Enemy "Yo! Bum Rush The Show" LP Vinyl

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With Yo! Bum Rush the Show, Public Enemy introduce a new kind of bravado that's not just directed at other players and sucker MCs but is an out-and-out middle-finger challenge to the whole world, as these serious brothers roll right over you in a slow-moving convoy of '98 Oldsmobiles ("You're Gonna Get Yours"). PE crowd these tracks with disparate sounds that move your butt while they buzz from every channel. Despite their serious posturing, you'll be grateful for the sloppy bass line in "Timebomb" and Terminator X's brilliant tone experiment, "Public Enemy No. 1". 

E Side
A1 You're Gonna Get Yours 4:03
A2 Sophisticated Bitch 4:30
A3 Miuzi Weighs A Ton 5:44
A4 Timebomb 2:54
A5 Too Much Posse 2:23
A6 Rightstarter (Message To A Black Man) 3:49

F Side
B1 Public Enemy No. 1 4:40
B2 M.P.E. 3:43
B3 Yo! Bum Rush The Show 4:25
B4 Raise The Roof 5:19
B5 Megablast 2:50
B6 Terminator X Speaks With His Hands 2:13