Killer Mike "R.A.P. Music" LP Vinyl

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Released in 2012 after nearly a decade deep in the rap game, Killer Mike had released five critically hailed records and won a Grammy for best Rap Collaboration with Outkast for the song "The Whole World." But, in no uncertain terms, Mike will tell you that R.A.P. Music is his finest accomplishment. He'll even call it a "classic." Of course, every rapper calls every one of their albums a classic. The only difference is that Mike's right.

01 Big Beast (Feat. Bun B, T.I. & Trouble)
02 Untitled (Feat. Scar)
03 Go!
04 Southern Fried
05 JoJo's Chillin
06 Reagan
07 Don't Die
08 Ghetto Gospel
09 Butane (Champion's Anthem) (Feat. El-P)
10 Anywhere But Here (Feat. Emily Panic)
11 Willie Burke Sherwood
12 R.A.P. Music