JB 'More Mess On My Thing'  LP Vinyl

The JB's "More Mess On My Thing" LP Vinyl

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Original sessions produced by James Brown

“More Mess On My Thing” produced by James Brown with Bud Hobgood.

This album produced for reissue by Eothen Alapatt with thanks to Alan Leeds and Harry Weinger for showing us all the way it’s supposed to be done.

Liner notes and annotation by, and all photographs and ephemera courtesy of, Alan Leeds.

Mixed by Mario Caldato, Jr. in Los Angeles, CA, June/July 2019. Mastered by Dave Cooley for Elysian Masters, Los Angeles.

Art direction by Errol F. Richardson.

Side A:
1. More Mess On My Thing
2. The Wedge

Side B:
1. When You Feel It Grunt If You Can (Complete Take)